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11 febbraio 2015

Un matematico insigne: Emma Castelnuovo

Emma Castelnuovo


The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) has decided in the past to create two awards to recognize outstanding achievements in mathematics education research: the Felix Klein Award, honouring a lifetime achievement, and the Hans Freudenthal Award, recognizing a major cumulative program of research. In order to reflect a main aspect of ICMI, not yet recognized in the form of an award, in 2013 ICMI has decided to create a third award to recognize outstanding achievements in the practice of mathematics education. This award was named after Emma Castelnuovo. To understand why the name of this Italian secondary teacher is associated to this particular award we outline the main aspects of her work in school and for school. Her life and career are intertwined with the events that changed the approach to the problems of mathematics education in the second half of the twentieth century. (Continua)


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