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22 dicembre 2014

Time management.

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The Astroholic

Can you build me a hyperbolic time chamber? I’ll buy you a coke.

Friend of mine while we were walking down the street.

Almost 110 years ago our view of time was changed forever. Time wasn’t part of the immutable stage of life but it was an active player. We finally understood how to squeeze time and how to stretch it thanks to a German patent officer named Albert Einstein.

Einstein’s most famous thought experiment regarding time dilation is the Twin paradox. We have two twins, one goes into a spaceship that moves near the speed of light for a few hours and when he comes back to Earth, years have passed and his twin has aged significantly.

The formula that regulates this time dilation is the following.

Where t is the proper time (in the twin paradox the time that passes on Earth) while t is the…

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